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><< Personally, I thought this dub was far better than Wing's. >>
> I thought Wing's was far better myself. Hitomi's is too whiney, like most
>girls turn out in a lot of dubs. Van's is just a bit too young and the blond
>knight guy(forgot how to spell his name) voice isn't regal and mature enough,
>as his original voice is.

Geez...some people are never pleased....first there are complaints about how the G-boys' VA sound too old, and now here is Van being too young and Alan's isn't mature enough (voiced by the same guy that did Zechs I believe).

JK. Seriously though, I have seen the entire series subbed, watched a few eps the night before its premier and I thought the voices were some of the closest to the characters I've ever heard on a dub. And I love Dulando's VA, and Merle's (Melulu? That's how it was done in the sub I saw. Anyways, Van's catgirl companion), and Van's brother...whose name escapes me at the moment were both well done too, IMO.

Of course, I love the 0083 and 0080 dubs and several on the list here would disagree with me on that.


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