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Leslie_R wrote:

> the federatoin would never do that because the training process
> (including psychological and physical conditoining and chemical
> enhancment.. remember they put alot of drugs in his body that made him
> immune ot life-sign detectors and other sensors intended ot detect and
> track humanoid life-forms) is an horrendously traumatic thing and the
> Feds are too goddy-two-shoes to try that when they can always let the
> braniacs on the enterprise find some other solution.. still i wonder if
> the Klingons would find such a process an 'unfair' and thus
> 'dishonorable' advantage or not..
> -Les

And that's one of the most pathetic things about that whole series. They will forever delay the Borg, never just getting it over with and beating those bastards down completely. It makes no sense. Oh, weep for the countless alien races that have been destroyed by the Borg. But don't stop them from doing that to another 100 alien races, oh no, making the
extra effort that any 21st century group of humans would is too below their PC prissy ways. And the series would be over, can't have that. It would be like if the Desert Storm army just engaged a few tanks here or there, shot a few guys, didn't let Saddam expand out but didn't even really damage his army. Crap.


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