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<< Escaflowne is getting worst ratings than even Digimon and Dinozaurs(Oh the
 horror!) What this has to do with Gundam is that the failure of Escaflowne
 might scare Bandai off from releasing other non-Gundam animes on TV, like
 Z-mind, Outlaw Star, Big O....
  This isn't good... >>

   No, it's not bad. Fox messed up Escaflowne anyway. Escaflowne isn't as big
as Gundam is. Have you already forgotten about GW's success? Escaflowne is
getting bad ratings, but I've heard nothing but good stuff about GW. I am not
surprised at all by this, considering the quality of Fox's dub.

  GW did very well, so I don't think Bandai will be scared to bring at least
more Gundam stuff to the US. Fox is trying to pass off Esca. as a "Wow, dude,
look at that cool giant robot!!" type of thing. Esca.'s strength is in it's
story, not it's mecha. The ads I see focus on the robots, NOT it's story. If
Fox wants a cool robot type of thing, bring out a super robot anime that is
designed to focus on the robots and cool toy factor, NOT something that is
good as the original, Japanese version of Esca. Some people don't want to
touch the Japanese version of Esca., just based on the Fox version!! For
anyone who's only seen Fox's version, PLEASE, I beg of you, at least borrow
or rent the subtitled version, before passing judgement on Esca.


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