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KurenaiJiku wrote:

> Well look at Max, Maya, and the other bunch...

Maya costs like $10,000, ($20,000?) and max costs somewhere between $2000-$3000
right? Truespace 4 has almost all of Max's features (All with a few cheap
plug-ins) and some very nice ones that Max doesn't have, for Between $300-$600.

Is it as good as Maya or Softimage? No. But it costs a hell of alot less. Is it as
good as Max and lightwave? I think so, Sure a couple of features may be better
implemented in either of those packages but the easy interface and lower cost make
up for that IMO.

I don't work for Caligari or anything, It's just that I get sick of the snobbery
that usually comes from Professional Max users, who have never even seen the
software much less used it. I guess it's kinda like knocking G or Turn A Gundam
before you've seen them. ^_^

---Brett Jensen

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