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Alfred Urrutia wrote:
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> > P.S. yeah, that guy WAS awsome though wasn't he? :)
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> So awesome that they never mention them again. What's to stop the Federation from adapting that race's warrior making techniques to create their own shock troops? Are the Borg not enough of a threat to warrant that weapon? But then, why bother, the Borg will slip up and allow a 4 man team onto their cube long enough to drive them away or destroy them.
> Alfred.
the federatoin would never do that because the training process
(including psychological and physical conditoining and chemical
enhancment.. remember they put alot of drugs in his body that made him
immune ot life-sign detectors and other sensors intended ot detect and
track humanoid life-forms) is an horrendously traumatic thing and the
Feds are too goddy-two-shoes to try that when they can always let the
braniacs on the enterprise find some other solution.. still i wonder if
the Klingons would find such a process an 'unfair' and thus
'dishonorable' advantage or not..


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