Thu, 21 Sep 2000 20:47:58 EDT

If the goddamn Borg, a bunch of walking computers with tubes sticking out at
every and funny-ass eyepatches, are so powerful, how come they're always
defeated by a couple of puny humans? Quite frankly, human beings are frail
and weak. How is it that a race so close to perfection is defeated time and
time again by a couple of people who did their homework more than anyone
else? As a matter of fact, their are several holes in your argument.

1. The average Borg cube is barely a mile on each side. Not 2.1.

2. Borg cubes at the most carry 20,000 drones, not millions or billions! It'd
be like the goddamn Japanese subway at 7:45 AM!

3. I'll agree that a anit-matter weapon is more powerful than a nuke, but
these goddamn things are fragile. All it takes is a little hemmoraging of the
torpedo and the anti-matter will leak out, causing huge explosions and the
warp core to blow most likely.

4. I-Fields or some other form of Minovsky system could definitely block
dematerialization rays. And you forget that transporters have a nasty habit
of malfunctioning...

And you yourself say that a colony laser or a Solar System could defeat a
cube. A few Solar Systems could wipe out an entire fleet of Borg cubes. And
any buster rifle like Wing Zero's could wipe out anything colony-sized. So
you see, the Borg may be the best Star Trek enemy (a franchise that quite
frankly, is dying a slow painful death of gonnorhea) will get it's ass kicked
by colony lasers, Solar Systems, buster rifles and Minovsky physics.

Long Live Mobile Suit Gundam!!!!!!!

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