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Leslie_R wrote:

> actualy it would more likely be a long stareing contest, the race that
> those psychos came from IIRC was ultra-pacifist, it just wasn't really
> in their natures to be aggresive which is why it took so much
> psychological training to adapt soldiers to warfare.. and even then they
> couldn't attack without being attacked, and the borg don't waste energy
> combating people they can safely ignore, so until somebody took a swing
> at somebody else they'd only be a bunch of guys with big chips on their
> shoulders wandering around a borg cube getting the cold shoulder by the
> cyber-goons

Not if the Star Trek plot required them to be aggressors. And the argument that the Feds always won because they had someone on the inside makes no sense. How did they get the guy on the inside in the first place? From the outside, which is to say that anytime the plot requires an infiltrator to get onto the ship, either physically or by way of tractor beam, all of a sudden the Borg are retards and let
one in. After two or three of those occurences the Collective should consider *any* Federation crewmember on their cube to be the ship equivelant of AIDS and do everything in their power to wipe him/them out. But no, they never learn, they let the human walk around and observe and do all the sabotage necessary. Superior race my ass.

> -Les
> P.S. yeah, that guy WAS awsome though wasn't he? :)

So awesome that they never mention them again. What's to stop the Federation from adapting that race's warrior making techniques to create their own shock troops? Are the Borg not enough of a threat to warrant that weapon? But then, why bother, the Borg will slip up and allow a 4 man team onto their cube long enough to drive them away or destroy them.


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