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Alfred Urrutia wrote:
> The one Next Generation TV episode where that guy was escaping his moon home/prison (I think it was a take on Viet Nam vets) who had been augmented and ran havok all over the Enterprise, now *that* was a warrior. And that one guy, with no knowledge of the Enterprise before he got on it, was practically able to wipe out the whole ship. The moon full of those psychos could take over the Borg in a week.
> Alfred.
actualy it would more likely be a long stareing contest, the race that
those psychos came from IIRC was ultra-pacifist, it just wasn't really
in their natures to be aggresive which is why it took so much
psychological training to adapt soldiers to warfare.. and even then they
couldn't attack without being attacked, and the borg don't waste energy
combating people they can safely ignore, so until somebody took a swing
at somebody else they'd only be a bunch of guys with big chips on their
shoulders wandering around a borg cube getting the cold shoulder by the


P.S. yeah, that guy WAS awsome though wasn't he? :)

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