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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> Oh, agreed, but you'll also notice that at each point, it was because they had someone on the inside...the first defeat was because Picard was a member of the Collective..the next time, they found had Hugh...the next time...they had Picard again and then Data...and in Voyager...well, they didn't really defeat them per se. My arguement still stands...

Doesn't matter, that "someone on the inside" ploy works when it needs to and doesn't when it doesn't. What, the Enterprise crew are the only geniuses who can figure that out? The whole rest of the Federation have brain damage? Kenetic energy weapons would ruin them. Ever notice that you can touch them but not phaser them? Worf with a sledgehammer should be enough to clear out the whole ship. The shields work on energy weapons and transporter beams. Big deal.

> Good question about the Newtypes, but I don't see it being anymore of a problem than assimilating tepes like the Vulcans.
> The Borg was one of the best enemies they ever created, IMnsHO.

One of the worst. Consistently shown to be idiots by realizing that unassimilated inferior opponents can still stop them, worthless on foot, just another bunch of humans with latex attached to their faces. One kid with an idea of independence crippled his whole cube, a Voyager episode showed that the Janeway was too pussy to release a lethal virus on them, there are more than enough ways to wipe them out. But they're the only decent enemy of the last two shows so no way are the writers going to get rid of them. The Klingons were the best enemy the Federation ever had. The Ferengi sucked. The Romulans were just weasels. The Borg are a society of well-armed geeks.

> And there were many warriors among Star Fleet, not just scientists...what I have a problem with is ships designed more for exploration defeating purpose built warships. So, for that much, I will agree with you.

Never been shown. Every fight was ship crews like the Enterprise (new and old series) and Voyager and such. All brains who happened to be trained to use a phaser. Watching the Insurrection movie almost killed me laughing, the goddamn doctor was never missed any of those transporter drones, she looked like a SEAL instructor. Yeah, right. The one Next Generation TV episode where that guy was escaping his moon home/prison (I think it was a take on Viet Nam vets) who had been augmented and ran havok all over the Enterprise, now *that* was a warrior. And that one guy, with no knowledge of the Enterprise before he got on it, was practically able to wipe out the whole ship. The moon full of those psychos could take over the Borg in a week.


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