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> Obviously some people never really WATCHED the show...the Borg do not simply come out guns blazing when first encountering a civilization. They send in a scout which then scans the civilization's computer systems, etc. to gather information. If the first is killed, they adapt against the weapons and send another. Once the tech level and abilities are determined, they come en masse. And you also miss the immense SIZE of many Borg cubes. These things are MASSIVE. At least a kilometer or 3 or each side. If you start out with nukes or a colony in position, you can do something. But with the puny energy and projectile weapons available to most Gundam machines, you won't be much more than pinpricks....IF you can get through the shields.

And if you watched that show much you'd realize that the Borg get stopped/defeated under the same rules that Gundam Wing gundams get damaged... for plot. The Enterprise/Voyager is useless against them *until* there are less than 15 minutes left in the show, at which time some neutrino-based device can now make a dent after it is "modulated". Nothing to stop the Feds from "modulating" or amplifying some sort of Minovsky emitting cannon such that it ruins the Borg cube's ability to function.

> And then as pointed out below, all they have to do is beam over a few dozen of their drones into each ship (each Borg cube has several million to a billion or more drones on it so this ain't a problem, and the ships don't have shields, so that won't stop them), and they can take them over quickly. After that is done, the MSes won't make that much difference as their weapons wouldn't be enough (they'd be making shield generators very quickly) to affect them. Shortly thereafter, the colonies are invaded, as is Earth....end of story, end of the human race. As has been shown in the series...the only way to beat them is from the is virtually impossible to do so if you don't have something linking you to them on the inside....the only ones to do so were beings from an alternate dimension that couldn't be affected by their weapons (Species 8472).

What about a Newtype assimilated into the Collective? Who's to say what detrimental affect that might have? For a show that tried to be so scientific Star Trek could end up being so goofy and bullshit. And I will never, ever buy that a bunch of space faring scientists could take out the Klingons. No way.


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