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> I took a look at the Bandai G savior page.. and well.. I don't recognize
> of them either. They certainly aren't big actors.. they might even be
> actors considering I've never seen any of them before.
> At a recent anime con, I bought up the question of G Savior to a
> representative of Bandai. He said that not only are they not planning to
> release G Savior here, the thought hasn't even crossed their mind. So we
> might be in for a long wait.
> Eiji

hmm, then I wonder why they even bother to hire English actors and spend
time on making subtitles. It would have been so much easier if they hire
Japanese actors directly. I am more than convince the reason they did it is
a release here (maybe the guy from Bandai is spreading false info. so it
would be a shockers?), whether in theater or DVD, we should see it soon.


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