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<< 2. Amuro in Aestivalis Ryoko Custom (Nadesico movie) vs Char in Black
Sarena >>

havent seen Zeta so i dont know much about Char, but damn does the Aestivalis
rock =)

<<3. The White Base, captained by Bright Noah and with MS launched vs The
Nadesico, captained by Misumaru Yurika and with Aestivali launched>>

hmm...Bright Noah would have to watch for that "GRAVITY BLAST-OH!!" hehehe...

<<9. By Jove: The Jupiter Fleet vs the Jovian Lizards (Nadesico) vs the
Jovian Confederation (Jovian Chronicles) (if you know the truth about the
Jovian Lizards, kindly leave spoiler space before analyzing this. I do,
but others may not) >>

kinda useless spoiler space....

I dont know much about the Jovian Confederation, but all i have to say
is..."go! Genkiganger 3!!!!!! (the III would have looked weird near all the
exclamations...)" heheh


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