Thu, 21 Sep 2000 18:02:53 EDT

Good point about the Star Trek characters being pussies. Here's my version of
The Borg cube comes out of warp a few thousand kilometers away from the
Earth. The Zeon and the Feddies, realizing that an even greater enemy has
arisen to challenge them, band together in order to save the entire Earth
system. First a reconnaisance squad of Doms and GM Cannons is sent to
investigate. After causing a bit of external damage, they return and the main
fleet attacks. As Gundams, advanced mobile suits and mobile armors, most with
newtype pilots, attacks the cube, all to fast to be hit by fancy phasers and
photon torpedoes, a small Zeon fleet is moving a colony in position to be
launched at the cube (they'll of course have plenty of experience in that
area). The colony hits and annihilates the cube. But a single borg sphere
escapes the immense blast and zooms towards the Earth in on last desperate
attempt to take over. Unfortunately, the Gundam Unit 02 has moved in front of
it, and fires it's nuclear warhead. BAM! no more annoying mechanical voices!

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