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> Hmmmm somebody's been watching Nadesico lately :P
> See my responses below...
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> Subject: [gundam] Useless Fights, Ready, Go!
> > 2. Amuro in Aestivalis Ryoko Custom (Nadesico movie) vs Char in Black
> Sarena
> >
> Black Sarena ... nope, can't place that one, so no answer.

The Black Sarena is also from Nadesico Movie, although I haven't seen it, so I
know about as much as you do.

> > 3. The White Base, captained by Bright Noah and with MS launched vs The
> > Nadesico, captained by Misumaru Yurika and with Aestivali launched
> >
> I do worship Ruri (in a hero worship kind of way, sicko's ;p) but this is
> another no contest. Aestivali are pretty low on the giant robot scale. Their
> little knives won't do much against a beam sabre ... I mean maybe if they
> had Gai and GEKIGA ... PUNCH! perhaps, but even in the end, the Aestivaluses
> would go down hard. Gundam has already taught us that capital ships stand
> little chance against mobile suits so the White Base shouldn't even need to
> do much... Sorry Yurika-chan, you're floating home :P

Actually, I think it'll got more like this. Yurika fires the gravity blast
cannon, and toasts the White Base, while the Aestis and the MS mix it up. The
MS are overall slightly better in the offensive department, but the Aestis have
their own gravity distortion fields (as does the Nadesico). As long as the
Aestis can keep their speed up, they'll "Gekigan-Flare" any MS that make the
mistake of getting too close to them. But they can only keep moving like that
for so long before they'll move out of range of the Nadesico.
The real question, of course, is how good are beam sabers at cracking gravity
distortion fields? If they can pierce the field, and corner the Aestis when
they slow down (and that's what you have new types for =P) then its game over


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