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> Since it's been a while since we had some of these:


> 9. By Jove: The Jupiter Fleet vs the Jovian Lizards (Nadesico) vs the
> Jovian Confederation (Jovian Chronicles) (if you know the truth about the
> Jovian Lizards, kindly leave spoiler space before analyzing this. I do,
> but others may not)

Much as I dearly love the Jovian Confederacy, I think the Jovian Lizards from
Nadesico, with their Gravity Distortion fields, would easily pound on both
groups (remember the first episode of Nadesico?). Now if you got rid of the
Gravity Distortion fields, took the Jovians "screw the edicts" attitude, and
advanced their weapons technology by about a decade (i.e. give them a chance to
develop some nasty nano-based weaponry) then it might be a different story (and
pretty ugly, to boot).

A few items, though - as Akito demonstrated with a vibro-knife, gravity
distortion fields aren't perfect. While I don't know much about the Jupter
Fleet (haven't seen anything UC except 0080 and 0083), I do know that the
Confederacy's plasma lances are probably much, much worse than a vibro-knife
(and probably a beam saber, for that matter), so if the Confederacy could
duplicate what Akito did, things might work out much better for them.

I think the Confederacy is the only one of the three groups that is demonstrated
using PDS systems. It would make sense to have them on every groups' ships (to
avoid micro meteorites and what have you), but the Confederacy would have a
massive advantage against the little grasshopper-style drones that the lizards
use early on(I have some rough ideas about what comes later in Nadesico,
although I haven't seen it, so I won't say anything about that).

On a strategic note, the Lizard's use of the CHULIPS provides a tremendous
advantage in combat. While the Jupiter Fleet and the Confederation are
restricted to "conventional" drive systems, the Lizards can move at much faster
speed via a CHULIP jump. Of course, the CHULIPS themselves still need to be
moved to the appropriate locations.

The Spinal Lasers on the newer Jovian big ships (Valient, Majestic, and Ypres)
are nice, and probably have nothing that directly matches them on the other two
sides, but as I mentioned earlier, the Lizard's Gravity Distortion Fields would
render them useless. The Jupiter Fleet, on the other hand, would have some
serious problems.

So basically, on a tactical sense, I think it would work like this - Jupiter
Fleet gets stomped by either side, while the Confederation and the Lizards mix
it up. If the Confederation can keep the battles at close range, with exos and
drones as the primary combatants, then their overall superiority in exo
technology, combined with their excellent PDS arrays, will win the day for
them. If the Lizards can keep the battles at long range, and restrict the
combat to long-range starship weapons, then their gravity distortion fields will
render the Confederation's weaponry useless.

Was that enlightening?
Probably not. But at least it was fun to write.


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