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Hmmmm somebody's been watching Nadesico lately :P
See my responses below...

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> Since it's been a while since we had some of these: > > 1. A Borg cube vs anything the various Gundam universes can come up with > A single Borg cube? Noooo problem. I mean if there were a couple and they could actually adapt perhaps you might have a case, but colony lasers, buster rifles, satellite cannons, huge mobile armors ... they don't stand a change. They've just got one big ship, vs countless smaller ships and mobile suits. And unlike those pussies in the Star Trek universe, the Feddies and Zeon of Gundam wouldn't hesitate to nuke the bastards.

> 2. Amuro in Aestivalis Ryoko Custom (Nadesico movie) vs Char in Black Sarena > Black Sarena ... nope, can't place that one, so no answer.

> 3. The White Base, captained by Bright Noah and with MS launched vs The > Nadesico, captained by Misumaru Yurika and with Aestivali launched > I do worship Ruri (in a hero worship kind of way, sicko's ;p) but this is another no contest. Aestivali are pretty low on the giant robot scale. Their little knives won't do much against a beam sabre ... I mean maybe if they had Gai and GEKIGA ... PUNCH! perhaps, but even in the end, the Aestivaluses would go down hard. Gundam has already taught us that capital ships stand little chance against mobile suits so the White Base shouldn't even need to do much... Sorry Yurika-chan, you're floating home :P

> 4. Amuro in RX-78 vs Max in VF-1S Max is a great pilot, yes, but Amuro is a newtype and thats more than enough of an edge. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there were no valkyrie carried beam weapons in use around the time of the VF-1S (the VF-17 was the first, correct?), so its stuck with its gunpod, which frankly, ain't gonna do much against Gundarium, especially with Amuro doing that newtype bit. > > 5. Battle of the pre-pubescents: Puru in ZZ Gundam vs Anakin Skywalker (age > 9) in Qubeley 2 > Puru of course. Anakin is a little twit in Episode I, and only the knowledge that he gets it on with Natalie Portman in Episode II (lucky bastard) keeps my respect for him.

> 6. This oughta prevent UC vs AC bias: Amuro in Epyon and Zechs in Zeta > Gundam vs Char in Wing Zero and Heero in Hyaku-Shiki Interesting combo. I'm going to assume UC physics here and that yes, Gunda(r/n)ium can be destroyed for reasons other than plot contrivance. The Hyaku-Shiki isn't a match for either the Epyon or the Zeta, and seeing as it has no Zero system, nor is Heero a newtype, he gets zaped early on. Odds are Zechs, not being a newtype, is gonna get toasted with the Buster rifle, seeing as he has no Zero system to backup his skills, leaving us with the neverending Char/Amuro duel. Let's also say that it goes hand to hand/sabre to sabre since the Bust rifle was emptied finishing off Zechs. Personally, I'm more of a fan of the Wing Zero's design than Epyon's (in fact, its the only Okawara design from Wing that I don't actively dislike), but I can't decide who to cheer for, Amuro or Char. Seeing as two relatively average pilots (by UC standards, anyway) beat each other to near death in the same fight, my vote says Amuro and Char both go out in a blaze of glory, dying together.

> > 7. Battle of the braided martial artists: Ranma Saotome in God Gundam vs > Master Asia in Master Gundam > > 8. The MS Girls cast vs the cast of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not GFY. I have never seen such a candy coated show since I saw one of its movies. Guh. Evilness, much evilness here. I hope the MS girls bitchslap them all and save my sanity =) > > 9. By Jove: The Jupiter Fleet vs the Jovian Lizards (Nadesico) vs the > Jovian Confederation (Jovian Chronicles) (if you know the truth about the > Jovian Lizards, kindly leave spoiler space before analyzing this. I do, > but others may not) > _____________________________________________________________ > Andrew Dynon > > "Now, we can do this the hard way, or... well, actually, there's just the > hard way." > - Buffy, _Welcome to the Hellmouth_ > > Doyle: I've been sent by The Powers That Be. > Angel: The powers that be what? > - Angel, "City Of..." > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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