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Since it's been a while since we had some of these:

1. A Borg cube vs anything the various Gundam universes can come up with

2. Amuro in Aestivalis Ryoko Custom (Nadesico movie) vs Char in Black Sarena

3. The White Base, captained by Bright Noah and with MS launched vs The
Nadesico, captained by Misumaru Yurika and with Aestivali launched

4. Amuro in RX-78 vs Max in VF-1S

5. Battle of the pre-pubescents: Puru in ZZ Gundam vs Anakin Skywalker (age
9) in Qubeley 2

6. This oughta prevent UC vs AC bias: Amuro in Epyon and Zechs in Zeta
Gundam vs Char in Wing Zero and Heero in Hyaku-Shiki

7. Battle of the braided martial artists: Ranma Saotome in God Gundam vs
Master Asia in Master Gundam

8. The MS Girls cast vs the cast of Galaxy Fraulein Yuna

9. By Jove: The Jupiter Fleet vs the Jovian Lizards (Nadesico) vs the
Jovian Confederation (Jovian Chronicles) (if you know the truth about the
Jovian Lizards, kindly leave spoiler space before analyzing this. I do,
but others may not)
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