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Actually the reason why I think Escaflowne is getting bad ratings is that
it's at such a strange time slot. Even for the past several weeks, I've
been trying to catch it. However, the ads which tell me what time it's at,
don't really show at those times. Even one time they cancelled Escaflowne
with some sports special...and then the weeks after that, I think they kept
moving around the time slot between 10 and 11 confusing people who believed
it to be at 10 or at 11. It even showed on weekday afternoons almost
spontaneously and I was incredibly surprised when it showed on Friday
afternoon...I was like... WTF!!!

I think it's not the dubbing...I think all the little kiddies will watch
it, but they need to stick it in an earlier time slot or stablize it's very
fun jumping around.

>--- Chris Beilby <cbeilby@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> >Escaflowne is getting worst ratings than even
>> Digimon and Dinozaurs(Oh the
>> >horror!) What this has to do with Gundam is that
>> the failure of Escaflowne
>> >might scare Bandai off from releasing other
>> non-Gundam animes on TV, like
>> >Z-mind, Outlaw Star, Big O....
>> > This isn't good...
>> I wonder if this has anything to do with the
>> butchery of the show...
>whether or not it does, you can bet your neighbor's
>dog's tail that they won't admit it. and they'll just
>say that it was a bad show to begin with. the
>just curious, where are the concrete info that points
>to low escaflowne ratings?
>people i bump into around the net all love esca on fox
>tv, and that's the butchered version (and i keep
>telling them to go watch the unedited version).
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