Zhao Pan (zhaopan@hotmail.com)
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 14:40:38 EDT

>HGUC Dom Tropen (1500y)
looks pretty good. A welcomed addition to the HGUC line.

>Gelgoog marine (1200y)
Legs are too short, I like the Mg version better.

>still no news of a Zaku F2 yet....
What a shame.

>The PG Wing Zero Custom looks like the wings are done in a single block
>similar to the HG, except for the trailing ends.
I wonder what material they use to make the ends of the feathers. Soft
vinyl? It would look nice when posing w/ the 1/60 Wing Zero model.

>MG Ez8
It comes with the Shiro Amada figure!? I am definitely going to get this
one! Hey, Bandai, how about a 1/200 MG Aspire w/ an Anina Sakhalin figure?

>Gouf custom
I hope it will come with the gatling gun, like the one(dark blue) in the

Chrome Quebleys?
I am very happy w/ my Mk. II Quebley. Not plan to get these.

SD GP04?
It looks good, but I really want a MG GP04.

Gun tank?
What scale is that?
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