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This is to be expected. Fox Kids is a network targetted at 8-12 year old
boys. Escaflowne is entirely the wrong show to be targetting at them .. it
the sort of show that should be hitting the Buffy and the X-Files crowd (the
former of which i'm proudly part of, the latter has disinterested me in the
last few seasons). It won't have any effect on things to come, except
positive ones, such as Fox Kids giving up on this anime "fad" and leave
anime to networks that will do it justice.
Of all the shows I've heard rumors coming across, The Big O is about the
worst idea, and Outlaw Star is the best. I exceedingly like O.S. as its a
fun show, plain and simple. Nothing revolutionary in it, but it doesn't need
to be. If it gets solid dubbing, and you factor in that it really does not a
need a whole lot of editing it could be quite successful over. Compare that
to its brothers Trigun (Which I hope never airs in north america, unless its
specifically targetted at the 18 and up crowd, since the second half of the
show wouldn't survive editing), and Cowboy Bebop (which has grown on me, but
I don't seeing it being accepted as readily), and it could be a winner. The
Big O, from what I've seen of it, is just dumb. Decent art, but american
kids aren't going to accept the 70's "evil enemy giant robot" look the "Bad
guys" have, and the plot doesn't seem overly deep ... but then again, maybe
that's why they want it, for the aforementioned 6 year olds that dissed
I don't blame the kids, I blame Fox Kids for making a boneheaded move.

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> Escaflowne is getting worst ratings than even Digimon and Dinozaurs(Oh the > horror!) What this has to do with Gundam is that the failure of Escaflowne > might scare Bandai off from releasing other non-Gundam animes on TV, like > Z-mind, Outlaw Star, Big O.... > This isn't good... > > > Chris > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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