Michael Hinchen (hinchen@mindspring.com)
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 09:50:01 -0700

I have always been a lover of the larger scale toy. I also collect Star Wars
stuff and my prefered scale is 12" figures of the little 3 3/4" stuff. Usually
I have noticed that the average person not into Star Wars or Gundam are amazed
and fasinated with the bigger models when they are completed. I have several of
my models on my desk at work and everyone marvels over the 1/100 scale kits
while they ignore my 1/144 scale kits. And my 1/60 scale Wing Zero model gets
the most attention even though it's one of my poorly done paint jobs. While
proportions and what ever my not be exacting I really can't tell a difference
unless it's obvious that a hand is way too big or a foot is way too small which
I haven't run into yet. My only true complaint about the 1/100 scale kits and
the only true plus for 1/144 kits in my mind is variety.
I am fairly jealous of several kits gracing the new HGUC line, like
Guncannon,Guntank,Zaku III, Hizak, and a few others. But my beloved collection
will never see them unless I suffer another lapse and buy some of them because I
like to keep my collection fairly uniform and a proliferation of 1/144 kits
would make it look unbalanced. So if more 1/100 scale kits were made I'd be in
heaven but that's not gonna happen but I can hope.

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