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Ricky Lai writes,

> Despite Axis' shortage in resources, it is very much a force to be reckoned
> with in 0087. Otherwise, both Titans and AEUG would not have tried so
> desperately to ally with Axis. Yet, there is hardly anything more ridiculous
> than the size of both Neo-Zion and U.N.T. fleets in ZZ. Would anyone of the
> right mind believe that a fleet of just three warships, Sadaran plus two
> Endora-class, could suppress the U.N.T. government, whose fleet is humungous
> as depicted in 0083?

What, you mean the same fleet that took something like 80% losses during
Stardust Memories? And this is the same Earth Federation government that
was 'defeated' by the AEUG, who seem to have no more than a half dozen ships
at any one time. The overall scale of the Titans War was much smaller than
the One Year War; altogether no larger in size than Stardust Memories,
though it lasted much longer.

And the NeoZeon fleet has to be larger than five ships (Sadaran, Endra,
Mindra, Sandra, Endra II) just to account for all the on-screen losses in
the civil-war battles at the end of Gundam ZZ. Also, I think it was the
threat of more colony drops rather than the size of Haman's fleet on Earth
that decided the Federal government's course of inaction.

>> Well, the Axis were supposed to be short on resources, but it doesn't
>> really make much sense for the Gwadan to cruise around without at least a
>> small escort fleet... especially since such fleets appear in both 0083
>> and ZZ. During Z Gundam, though, the Axis fleet proper was never shown -
>> an early issue of Newtype guessed that they had a bunch of Musai cruisers
>> that remained off-camera, though it eventually turns out that the Axis
>> fleet consists of newly-built Endora-class cruisers instead.
> Granted. I'd love to see the line art though.

Doesn't the old Side 3 government have some Musai cruisers in Z Gundam?
There's line art for a Z-era Musai in any case.

> The Salamis isn't that small, I know that too from my model. But judging from
> its araments, it's hard not to question: "what were they thinking when they
> first designed it?" Contrast that to the set of three double cannons on the
> Musai, it is obvious that the Musai class comes belongs to a much better
> design.

The Salamis has 7 main guns covering every possible arc of fire. The Musai
has 3 double main guns, with nothing to cover their aft. The Musai, unlike
the Salamis, notably lacks any reasonable anti-MS armament, other than its
own MS (which we shouldn't discount). Yet in a straight-up ship-to-ship
fight, I wouldn't necessarily hand it right over to the Musai.

> The Musai is definitely small compared to the two U.N.T. ship types. However,
> I wonder if the Magellan class used in 0079 are designed to accomodate MS's.

Nope, no Federation ship from First Gundam carries MS (except for the
experimental White Base, of course.)

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