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Thu, 21 Sep 2000 15:27:59 GMT

>From: "Chris Beilby" <>
>Subject: Re: [gundam] (Slightly OT) Escaflowne getting bad ratings;
>possible cancelation....
>Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 14:40:32 GMT
>>Escaflowne is getting worst ratings than even Digimon and Dinozaurs(Oh the
>>horror!) What this has to do with Gundam is that the failure of Escaflowne
>>might scare Bandai off from releasing other non-Gundam animes on TV, like
>>Z-mind, Outlaw Star, Big O....
>> This isn't good...
>I wonder if this has anything to do with the butchery of the show...

Not to trod on anyone's toes or anything, but why are we worrying about how
anime is shown on Western TV? I mean, we're wailing and gnashing our teeth
over, basically, how kids will see anime on TV. Does it really matter?

a) We're all probably going to buy domestic tapes and DVDs anyways, most
likely subbed. We're all just watching the TV editing for more or less the
same reason people watch car accidents.

b) I don't care if Bandai or any other distributor gets cold feet over TV
anime because of how Fox handled Escaflowne simply because if I want to
watch Escaflowne, I'm not going to bother with Fox. I'm going to go to
Bayshore and rent the damned things subtitled. (I know, I was mildly excited
about Outlaw Star coming to TV, but that's just because I can't afford to
rent anything right now. =P) Bandai is not going to make the stream of anime
to North America dry up because some moron editor did a hatchet job on
Escaflowne and it subsequently tanked.

I'm curious, though - how do people on the list think badly-dubbed anime on
CN or Fox is bad for how they themselves participate in this hobby? This
isn't a challenge, or bait for an argument. Consider it an informal survey.

- dom
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