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I am sure nobody ever thought of standardizing the specs back then.
Nevertheless, Bandai was bold enough to put out a 1:2400 model of the Gwazine,
which is only slightly larger than the Zanzibar class of the same scale. As for
the Zanzibar class, we can be more certain that it is roughly 250 meters in

Mark Simmons wrote:

> Ricky Lai writes,
> >Thanks for gathering the information. As Mark Simmons notes, there are
> >actually two types of Gwazine class. Apparently, the one featured in 0079
> >is only about 290 meters, which is a hell lot smaller than that in 0083
> >-- 440 meters.
> Not necessarily. The old dimensions weren't really official - they were
> just guesses published in one of the Roman Album books. I'd say the
> figures from 0083 simply supersede the older estimates.

Despite Axis' shortage in resources, it is very much a force to be reckoned with
in 0087. Otherwise, both Titans and AEUG would not have tried so desperately to
ally with Axis. Yet, there is hardly anything more ridiculous than the size of
both Neo-Zion and U.N.T. fleets in ZZ. Would anyone of the right mind believe
that a fleet of just three warships, Sadaran plus two Endora-class, could
suppress the U.N.T. government, whose fleet is humungous as depicted in 0083?

> Well, the Axis were supposed to be short on resources, but it doesn't
> really make much sense for the Gwadan to cruise around without at least a
> small escort fleet... especially since such fleets appear in both 0083
> and ZZ. During Z Gundam, though, the Axis fleet proper was never shown -
> an early issue of Newtype guessed that they had a bunch of Musai cruisers
> that remained off-camera, though it eventually turns out that the Axis
> fleet consists of newly-built Endora-class cruisers instead.

Granted. I'd love to see the line art though.

> >The reliability of the info Sadaran's MS capacity is questionable.
> On the contrary - since we have actual line art for the Sadaran's MS
> hangar, complete with MS dollies and tracks leading to the catapults,
> it's one of the few ships whose MS capacity we can state with certainty.
> (Since there are two doors leading to the catapults, I'm pretty certain
> that this one hangar serves both catapults, and that there's just one
> hangar level aboard the ship.)

Given that Sadaran is described as a well-rounded battleship, certainly its MS
capacity should be more impressive. After all, her firepower is probably
second-to-none in the entire Axis/Neo-Zion lineup other than Gwadan.

> >If Sadaran is presumably larger than the Doros class, which is very likely
> >to be the case, then the former should be able to house more than a mere 10
> >when the latter can hold more than 100.
> Depends what it's designed for. The Doros is basically a huge multi-
> level array of MS hangars and catpults with two stubby little engine
> blocks... it's not implausible that its MS capacity would be several
> times that of a battleship like the Sadaran.

That is quite possible. But at least he was able to convince enough ships to
quit the battle with him.

> >Wasn't Delaz fighting in A Bao A Qu's defense as well. He must have
> >commanded a decent fleet at that time.
> Not necessarily an entire fleet - even given Zeon's penchant for low
> ranks, a captain wouldn't be placed in command of that many ships.

The Salamis isn't that small, I know that too from my model. But judging from
its araments, it's hard not to question: "what were they thinking when they first
designed it?" Contrast that to the set of three double cannons on the Musai, it
is obvious that the Musai class comes belongs to a much better design.

> And the Salamis
> isn't really as tiny as the 0083 specs make it seem (if it was really 200
> meters, how could it house an MS hangar in which 18-meter mobile suits
> stand upright?). I'd give a Salamis good odds against a Musai...

The Musai is definitely small compared to the two U.N.T. ship types. However, I
wonder if the Magellan class used in 0079 are designed to accomodate MS's. If
not, then it is only natural for it to possess more firepower than the
MS-carrying Musai. After all, Delaz's aide slights the U.N.T. ships -- and the
Salamis class then had received significant arament upgrades already.

> If you have the 1/1200 scale models of the Salamis, Musai, and
> Magellan, it's instructive to compare them side by side - they're
> actually the correct size relative to each other. (The White Base in this
> scale is a bit too big, though). The Musai doesn't look so intimidating
> in this lineup. :-)


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