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<< I guess there are a few, but I've never found any good ones. I'll be
 out my Gelgoog to anyone who wants it...perhaps Kuren will be so kind as
 well? *nudge nudge* >>
  Could you email me your Gelgoog model? I downloaded the demo of that
program and need something to try it out on, to see what it is I am really
getting into! :) I am going to try out a drum machine program next. I am sort
of dabbling in stuff to see what I have some natural talent at.

  I can draw, but I use a graph pad and can do front views pretty good, but
fail everytime I try to draw an Mobile Suit or another type of robot or
machine from a side view. Getting the lower waist and legs is very hard to
draw, as well as arms and shoulders. I just cannot get limbs and fingers
drawn right. I always end up with hunched down or ape shaped robots. Maybe I
should try to make ape like Mobile Suits?!?! :) I can draw claws okay, but
cannot draw fingers well.


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