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Your GM is nice.. pretty good bevel work too. I would like to see you depart from
the stiff proportions of the model kits.. I tend to like smoother looking
so its a matter of taste. Do you intend to get full posing out of it??? As I ve
said before to Peter, I alway wnat to get posability out of any character I
make.. Thats part of the reason I m not too crazy about mobile suits..I actually
intend to make my version of what the first gundam and zaku were intended to be..
Think Mobile SUIT..Not giant robot.. I might get flamed for my interpretation...
KurenaiJiku wrote:

> > Mind if I ask a couple of questions about this? Okay, here goes:
> >
> >1. How hard is it to get started in Gundam 3D modeling? Can I get into this
> >without any drawing skills? I can draw, but not very good at all. If anyone
> >doesn't believe me, I can scan one. I warn you, it's not very good and you'd
> >probably laugh at it! ;)
> Drawing skills helps...but drawing skills are more of a practiced
> coordination skill more than anything else. Your creativity is what fuels
> any type of art, and just as long (which most or all people have inherent
> when they're born...just that some are more developed than others) then you
> can do 3D modelling. Depending on how developed your perception and
> problem solving skills are, the learning process can be painful or quite
> smooth.
> >2. Is there premade, uncolored models that I can color myself?
> Actually, coloring or what 3D artists like to call (no seriously lol)
> texturing is a secondary factor when it comes to creating a 3D model. It's
> the modelling part that's a can involve creating a complex
> object like a toaster oven with all those buttons and knobs, out of a
> stupid rectangle. :| Knowing geometry (looks like those high school math
> courses came in handy eh? ^_^) really helps when it comes to the modelling
> process.
> >3. What type of program, at a reasonable cost, do I need to do this stuff
> in?
> >Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> You probably want to get Truespace (as it's cheap) but it's not a very good
> program. It can get you started, and it's good especially if you're unsure
> if you want to do this sort of thing. Otherwise spending 4800 USD on 3D
> Studio Max and then finding out you don't want to do it anymore is surely a
> waste...although you can always send your copy to me. ;)
> >4. Is there anything else I need to know, before I get started, that I did
> >not ask/Did not know to ask?
> Hm...I can't really think of anything...
> >Thanks for any help. Your model looks really good, even in it's unfinished,
> >bare state.
> Thanks! Let's hear those comments Alfred! =D
> Kuren
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