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Heres some pixs of my in progress Dunbine.. Since I do so much modeling for
work, I havent spent too much on this guy.. I intend to give it away to the
GMLrs if they want it.. Ill also give a setup Maya file of it too....
Its still got a LONG way to go...

Peter Savin wrote:

> >1. How hard is it to get started in Gundam 3D modeling? Can I get into this
> >without any drawing skills? I can draw, but not very good at all. If anyone
> >doesn't believe me, I can scan one. I warn you, it's not very good and
> you'd
> >probably laugh at it! ;)
> I think it's easier than drawing, because you've got the undo button. ;)
> It's more like drafting, you get the points down then move 'em around until
> you get it right. It requires more thinking skills and less artistic skills
> in many ways. If you don't have a good eye for proportions, you'll need
> orthographic views to work from. If you had those for this GM, for example,
> a lot of the modeling (at least the boxy parts), would be a matter of
> tracing and extruding. It can be a bitch, though, don't get me wrong. :)
> >2. Is there premade, uncolored models that I can color myself?
> I guess there are a few, but I've never found any good ones. I'll be giving
> out my Gelgoog to anyone who wants it...perhaps Kuren will be so kind as
> well? *nudge nudge*
> >3. What type of program, at a reasonable cost, do I need to do this stuff
> in?
> >Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
> Ouch! I use 3DS Max, it's pricy as hell. TrueSpace is a good place to
> start, I think it's in the neighborhood of $400 or so, but there might be a
> demo. You also need a good 2d program for painting texture maps if you plan
> to do texturing. Paint Shop Pro is ok, but I swear by Photoshop (it aint
> cheap).
> >4. Is there anything else I need to know, before I get started, that I did
> >not ask/Did not know to ask?
> 3d modelling is super time consuming, and can get really tedious,
> frustrating, expensive, and it's easy to get obsessed. And it seems that
> the more you learn, the more there is to know (just like other computer
> stuff). Make sure your girlfriends OK with it first. ;P
> Peter Savin
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