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> << Ahh... the Hucce Vine, basically a Gundam that runs on a dark
> matter
> engine,
> has every standard Gundam armaments from head vulcans, micro missles
> to beam
> sabres. >>
> What is dark matter?
> Aaron

I still don't get it but when your Hyukebaine MkII reaches a certain
level, it gains a 'Black Hole Cannon which Basically creates a black
hole after hitting the opponent. Later it is replaced by Hyukebaine Mk
III which has additional weapons like Gravity Ring, and 2 add on kits
the AM Boxer parts and the AM Gunner parts which are short range and
long range attack parts respectively. Also it is capable of generating
a Gravity Wall, a barrier similar to an I-field but much stronger. I
also believe it possess a tronium engine (very rare part).

PS: On the first stage, Yazzan Gable from Zeta Gundam tried to steal it
and fails.

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