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>1. How hard is it to get started in Gundam 3D modeling? Can I get into this
>without any drawing skills? I can draw, but not very good at all. If anyone
>doesn't believe me, I can scan one. I warn you, it's not very good and
>probably laugh at it! ;)

I think it's easier than drawing, because you've got the undo button. ;)
It's more like drafting, you get the points down then move 'em around until
you get it right. It requires more thinking skills and less artistic skills
in many ways. If you don't have a good eye for proportions, you'll need
orthographic views to work from. If you had those for this GM, for example,
a lot of the modeling (at least the boxy parts), would be a matter of
tracing and extruding. It can be a bitch, though, don't get me wrong. :)

>2. Is there premade, uncolored models that I can color myself?

I guess there are a few, but I've never found any good ones. I'll be giving
out my Gelgoog to anyone who wants it...perhaps Kuren will be so kind as
well? *nudge nudge*

>3. What type of program, at a reasonable cost, do I need to do this stuff
>Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Ouch! I use 3DS Max, it's pricy as hell. TrueSpace is a good place to
start, I think it's in the neighborhood of $400 or so, but there might be a
demo. You also need a good 2d program for painting texture maps if you plan
to do texturing. Paint Shop Pro is ok, but I swear by Photoshop (it aint

>4. Is there anything else I need to know, before I get started, that I did
>not ask/Did not know to ask?

3d modelling is super time consuming, and can get really tedious,
frustrating, expensive, and it's easy to get obsessed. And it seems that
the more you learn, the more there is to know (just like other computer
stuff). Make sure your girlfriends OK with it first. ;P

Peter Savin

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