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Yeah! Looking very cool, very very cool! :) Are you working from
orthographic drawings, or just doing it by eye/measurement? I can't see
much to improve, accept maybe to make the lower leg a bit skinnier (just a
taste thing).

 I can actually help with mapping coordinates if you want, this I'm quite
good at. There's a lot to you have any specific questions? On a
dude like this who has a lot of flat surfaces, you can get away with alot of
box mapping, or if you want to get real specific (and thus huge) with your
texturing, you can map faces of the larger surfaces individually (by either
detaching the faces or using multi/sub-object mapping). I wrote a tutorial
trying to cover the basics of different types of mapping (yeah, it's a butt
ugly Trek ship, it's just a tut man! ;} ). If you want to have a look, it's

Peter Savin

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Subject: [gundam] Gundam 3D modelling

>okie dokie.
>Here's my GM Custom that isn't complete, and I've been working on for
>awhile. Untextured mind you.
>Alfred, if you could briefly gimme a run down on UV texturing/skinning
>that'd be cool. I haven't touched UV maps, and mostly only touched diffuse
>and bumps in Max. :|
>Comments are always welcome.
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