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> I was looking at pics of resins and noticed that these three designs...

R-3, a T-Link (Psycommu Rip-off) equiped Personal Trooper, can combine with
R-1 and R-2 to form SRX.


Ahh... the Hucce Vine, basically a Gundam that runs on a dark matter engine,
has every standard Gundam armaments from head vulcans, micro missles to beam


This is the R-1 I was talking about, it can change to flyer mode like about
just like every Ms in Zeta Gundam. Its' pilot Ryusei Date is a HUGE super
robot fan.

> ...bear a rather startling resemblance to Gundams-the second one being the
> biggest offender, with pretty much all the features a Gundam could possibly
> have except for the color scheme, and the others at least have a very
> Gundamesque body scheme. Was this the intention of their designer?


Maybe you should ask Hajime Katoki himself, he did the designs for the game.
He also did the design for Hucce Vine Mk.II, Mk.III, Gespenst and probably a
lot more.

> they relate to the SRW? I wonder if they can be 'absorbed' so to speak into
> Gundam fanfic...or even put up on Burke's site....

 I think they would fit in Burke's site, but not necessarily in the Gundam

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