Chris Maier (
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 20:55:13 -0400

I'm interested in custom paint jobs people are using for their models. As
you might be aware, I've done two custom paint jobs already(Which can be
viewed here:
Yes, I know the job is a little sloppy but I'm new to painting kits). One is
the regular Deathscythe 1/144 in the colors of the Katoki Hobby Japan
version, and the other is my own take on Rose Gundam, giving it a more
'rosy' color, with a gold trim....I'm currently working on my old Wing
Gundam kit, giving it an Epyon style color scheme. I'm also considering
buying a HGUC Gog and giving it a Char Anzable color scheme.
 Anybody else paint their models in their own custom color scheme?

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