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> Subject: [gundam] Gundam Wars I & II
> I have a quick question about Model Graphics Gundam Wars I & II. What
> exactally are they? I know that Gundam Wars III is a the Gundam Sentinel
> story. But what are I & II? I know they are titled Project Zeta, and
> Project ZZ respectively, but are they side stories, or just the story as it
> stands, or something completely different?

Actually, it's Model Graphix Special Edition Gundam Wars I: PROJECT Z (Dai
Nippon Kaiga, ISBN4-499-20525-5, Y1942) and Model Graphix Special Edition Gundam
Wars II: MISSION ZZ (Dai Nippon Kaiga, ISBN4-499-20526-3, Y1942).

Like Model Graphix Special Edition Gundam Wars III: Gundam Sentinel - The Battle
Of "Real Gundam" (Dai Nippon Kaiga, ISBN4-499-20530-1, Y2233), it's a
compilation of scratch-built models and photo essays. Unlike Gundam Sentinel,
it doesn't include side stories, but there are a number of retcons and original
designs and a lot of speculation about MS devlopment history.

It was in Project Z, for example, that they came up with the VMSAWRS (Variable
Mobile Suit And Wave Rider System) designation. This may also be the earliest
appearance of the notorious fan notion, now legitimized on the Perfect Grade
model, that GUNDAM is an acronym for General Utility Non-Discontinuity Augmented

If you liked Sentinel, you'll also like both of these books.


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