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This might explain something I saw a few years ago.
A friend of mine found it on some movie database thing (desperately trying
to find the link) that had a gundam movie in production, but with english
If I remember correctly, one of them was Jill Hennessy, better known for her
role on Law & Order.
If I can find the link I'll post it here.

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Well, I have the pleasure of viewing the G-Saviour preview that came with
the G-Saviour PS2 game....and it ROCKS! One important thing is that the
whole movie is done with English speaking actors, due to my lack of exposure
to American actors, I don't know who they are (due they are famous anyway),
but this is done in English with Japanese subtitle, which has American
release spell out all over it. Maybe Bandai is waiting to release it here
first once the Gundam hype is kick up another level by the release of UC
stuff on Television? I can't wait, it is very promising.


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