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I get stuff shipped to me from the US all the time, and yes, my two week
wait for my items is within the extreme limits of "normal shipping times",
that wasn't exactly the basis for my problem ... however, I was just about
to go into a lengthy diatribe on why I wasn't overly satisfied with the
service when I noticed something. I got free shipping. See, my items came to
$91.94, and they were supposed to follow up with a shipping cost. They never
did. I went and looked at my VISA statement which says ... $91.94. Good deal
for me, but I still have my reservations:
1. They were supposed to follow up with the shipping cost to Canada, they
didn't. When I e-mailed them about it, they told me it had already shipped.
Since shipping very obviously isn't supposed to be free, this may cause
problems for some people.
2. Their prices aren't that great, and are actually a bit above eBay prices.
Consider, a MG GM custom, MSiA Zeta Gundam, MSiA Dom, and 3 Gundam markers.
About a 6000yen order, right? $91.94 is a 50% markup, but thats about
average. However, if you had to pay shipping, that wouldn't be so hot a
deal. These prices are actually pretty comparable to the local shop I
usually get my stuff at. $91.94 was about $138cdn after currency conversion.
My local shop charges $80 for MG's and $30 for MSiA's (canadian dollars),
which is about $140cdn, and Gundam markers are $3 here, so we're talking a
$7 price increase. If I'd been charged shipping, it would be equal. Tack on
the fact that I'm gonna get hit with duty, there's the $5 Canada post
customs fee and it's actually _not_ a good deal.
3. Having to wait longer than 2 weeks from a store in the US sucks. I can
see doing it for a great deal, but you're probably better off with Rainbow
10 or HLJ, since you'd at least get the benefit of lower prices.
4. There's no way to check your order status without e-mailing them.
Admittedly their response time wasn't bad, but if I want to see the status
of an order at 2am, I should have that ability. Take a store like
Animenation who e-mails you at every step along the order so you know
exactly how its doing in comparison, and I'd rather do business with them.
5. Selection was pretty limited. Virtually everything was out of stock. My
order would have been bigger if there was more stuff available, but as it
was I had to choose from what was there.

So I guess its not so much that GundamShop is bad, but more they haven't
done anything to distinguish themselves. Odds are the shipping time would be
adequate within the US, and might be good if you have no local shops, but
for someone in Canada, the wait just isn't worth it, IMHO. I'd rate my
buying experience as "unsatisfactory" and "would not" reccomend this
merchant to my friends, to fit those customer satisfaction cards ;p Online
shopping is a competitive market. You've got three conflicting goals: low
price, large selection, and good service, and you can usually choose two of
the three (HLJ would be low price and large selection, from what I hear :P),
but GundamShop doesn't really have any of those....

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> > >Still no sign of my order from GundamShop ... my review of their service > >won't be glowing when I finally get it to you guys. It may be better in the > >US, but for anyone in Canada, i'd reccomend you not shop through them. More > >details on that to come... > > How long has it been since they told you that your order was shipped? > I've sent stuff to Canada quite a few times and usually it takes at least > 2 weeks to arrive via Air Small Packet, which usually takes 4 to 7 business > days. Unfortunately, the 4-7 business days applies only between the date > the item is mailed and the date it arrives within the Canadian postal > system, as the USPS would not guarantee any delivery date as the article > leaves their control. Unless GundamShop sent out your order via UPS or > FedEx, your order might be stuck in the postal system in Canada, and it > wasn't GundamShop's fault. > > Eddie > > > New items added at least once a week! Check out my eBay auctions at: > rt=3 > &since=-1&page=1&rows=0 > Please note the URL exceeds 80 characters and ends with "rows=0" not "sort=3" > > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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