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>You should be sad the day you decide to buy your first Gundam merchandise,

No kidding. I don't even want to think of how much I've spent.

>Hmmm... why can't they wait until the technology is mature enough so they
>can release a v2.0 instead of a half-assed v1.5? The kit is nice and all,

>but updating the legs without doing much to the upper torso is kinda weird.

Actually, I think that thye should have been able to do more improvements on
the head and arms. it's just that I suppose they didn't want to. <grumble>

>I remember putting together the v1.0's head and the "hat" doesn't fit too
>well on the brain, as there is visible gap in some areas between the hat
>and the rest of the head armor.

Strange, I had no problem with the fit of my kit's head. ion the other hand,
it still looks weird.

>>The chest has also been improved upon in the new version, with a more sloping

>>angle, and that the vents on the chest have individually-movable vent-fins.

>Is it lifed off the MG Mk-II or a different design?

utterly different. all three vent-fins on each vent are individually movable.
 very impressive.

>If they can't fit a transformable Core Fighter inside I don't suppose it
>will ever deserved to be called a v2.0, hehehehe!

what would be impressive would be to have a support strut so that both halves
of the MS can still be in contact while the core fighter flies off.

>Which makes one wonder why didn't they use more of the mechanical elements

>used in the MG RX-79(G) kit for it.

Yes, I was about to point that out; on the other hand, it is a bit of a problem
because the damn arms are so thin.

>>While the main bulk of it is the same in both versions, V1.5 has new side
>>front skirt panels, as well as a new crotch plate which has less detail and

>>is, err, more pronounced than the V1 crotch.
>You must really pay attention to that kind of detail eh, LOL!

It's rather noticeable, LOL!

>Definitely, I just didn't like the PG style of proportions on the legs,

unfortunately, those proportions are what makes it possible to kneel...oh well.

>Yeah, but why did they have to mold the damn parts in CLEAR plastic instead

>of translucent pink? They're getting a bit cheap there.

I know, it was a cop-out, no matter how you think about it.

>Already got 2, can't wait to put one together... hey, you think we'll see
>a MG G-3 v1.5 anytime soon?

I wouldn't be surprised...

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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