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Wed, 20 Sep 2000 04:35:07 -0500

Wasn't Delaz fighting in A Bao A Qu's defense as well. He must have commanded a
decent fleet at that time. Zion couldn't have aimed at fighting off an entire
U.N.T. navy with just a Doros class. And even if they really did, what's to
fear about the U.N.T. fleet, with her next-to-useless MS's and vessels? Even if
Zion pilots are mostly novices, the technological advantage they enjoy should
put them on par with the U.N.T. Then we add the element of vessels: Zion ships
are far superior to those employed by the U.N.T. Logically speaking, the U.N.T.
had no winning chip, except for the "Wooden Horse," which somehow refuses to
sink despite being critically hit from a million angles by Zion soldiers, who
are anything but fools and crazy kids that make up the Whitebase's crew.

Rodrick Su wrote:

> Well, there is always that monstrosity Doros Class:
> Length 492M
> Width 351M
> Height 123.7M
> 8 double main guns,
> Oh, launch capacity of 182 mobile suit. Seriously, Doros definately
> qualified as a superweapon, that might have greatly contributed to Zeon's
> defeat. During the battle of A Bao A Qu, Giren Zabi was counting on 1 Doros
> carrier to hold off an entire fleet...

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