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Obviously, the storylines written back in 1985~6 -- the Z and ZZ series --
contain poor military sense. If the Axis navy was such a force to reckon with,
why would its flagship be wandering in the middle of nowhere, only to be ganged
on an entire Titans fleet? Also, wouldn't such a formidable force possess more
just a few cruisers, as portraited in the series? Contrast this to the U.N.T.
forces in 0083 -- now that is the scale of a proper navy.

Mark Simmons wrote:

> The Gwanban definitely replaced the Gwadan as flagship after episode 46 of
> Z Gundam. In episode 47, we see that Hamaan has shifted her base of
> operations to the Gwanban, escorted by a couple of Endora-class cruisers.
> (Yes, all these ships appeared first in Z, not ZZ.)

The reliability of the info Sadaran's MS capacity is questionable. If Sadaran
is presumably larger than the Doros class, which is very likely to be the case,
then the former should be able to house more than a mere 10 when the latter can
hold more than 100. Moreover, in some later episodes in the ZZ series, when
Mashuma's Endora II makes an assault on Neul-Aghama, there appears to be way
more than just 6 mobile suits launching from the cruiser. Of course, having
stated the unreliability of scripts and storylines in the older series, that
statement is highly debateable.

> Midway through ZZ, Hamaan gets a new flagship, the Sadaran. Since the
> Gwanban is still around at this point - it shows up again in the final
> episodes - we can safely assume that the Sadaran is superior to the Gwanban,
> though not as large or impressive as the Gwadan. Based on line art of its MS
> hangar, the Sadaran appears to carry only 10 mobile suits; the standard Axis
> cruiser, the Endora, carries 6, so there's a pretty small gap in terms of MS
> capacity.
> But for what it's worth, few ships have the ability to carry more than a
> few mobile suits. Even the Gwazin, which has been claimed to carry as many
> as 20 mobile suits, was never observed to carry more than 6 in the
> animation. (Its 6-mobile suit playload is even noted in the TV series
> scripts.)

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