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>Before I start on my kit review, I would like to thank Luigi and company
>of Neutral
>Grounds, Warhammer fanatics all of them, for urging me to get the damn kit.
> I am both happy and sad that they did. I am happy because I have a nice kit,
>and sad that my wallet is inestimably thinner now.

You should be sad the day you decide to buy your first Gundam merchandise,

>MG RX-78 ver.1 vs. ver. 1.5
>Okay peeps, here I go again with my comparisons, but I can't help it, I have
>both of them here, so I may as well do it.
>The big difference , you see, is that the state of plastic kit technology has
>gone forward, and it's because of this that a ver. 1.5 of the RX-78 was so

Hmmm... why can't they wait until the technology is mature enough so they
can release a v2.0 instead of a half-assed v1.5? The kit is nice and all,
but updating the legs without doing much to the upper torso is kinda weird.

> So, without further do, let's go at it from head to toe.
>The V1 head had an interesting "see-my-brain" design, in which one could lift
>the top area of the head to show the internals. Of note is the fact that
>are eye slits on the core piece of the head which mirror the clear plastic
>of the eyes themselves. Very weird. However this arrangement makes for
>proportioning, something which the V1.5 head improves upon. It does away with
>the brain flap, true, but in the course of doing so, it makes for good

I remember putting together the v1.0's head and the "hat" doesn't fit too
well on the brain, as there is visible gap in some areas between the hat
and the rest of the head armor.

>The chest has also been improved upon in the new version, with a more sloping
>angle, and that the vents on the chest have individually-movable vent-fins.

Is it lifed off the MG Mk-II or a different design?

> The cockpit plate is the same as before. The backpack is the same in both
>versions. Tot tell the truth, except for the vent-fins, it wouldn't have been
>noticeable, except for the change in panel lines -- there are thankfully less
>of them in the newer version, making for a less-cluttered look.

If they can't fit a transformable Core Fighter inside I don't suppose it
will ever deserved to be called a v2.0, hehehehe!

>The shoulders are larger now, and have less line detail; personally, I seem
>to like the older and smaller shoulders, since they give the MS a more
>look. The newer, larger shoulder plates just give it a more kiddy look, as
>well as psychologically affecting the ratio of head size to overall height.
>The arms are essentially the same. With a few minor improvements in the elbow
>joint; nothing to really write home about.

Which makes one wonder why didn't they use more of the mechanical elements
used in the MG RX-79(G) kit for it.

>While the main bulk of it is the same in both versions, V1.5 has new side and
>front skirt panels, as well as a new crotch plate which has less detail and
>is, err, more pronounced than the V1 crotch.

You must really pay attention to that kind of detail eh, LOL!

>Enter the new legs. They are MG-sized versions of the PG legs, with an
>molding process to make it with pistons that actually extend and all that.
>The knees are now designed such that the gundam can crouch if it wants to, and
>for the final trick, it can actually kneel, thanks to the redesigned
> For all this, I think it was worth it to buy the V1.5.

Definitely, I just didn't like the PG style of proportions on the legs,

>Aside from the standard V1 accessories, it also has the Beam Javelin and Hyper
>hammer. The beam javelin is a great piece of work, and it's very

Yeah, but why did they have to mold the damn parts in CLEAR plastic instead
of translucent pink? They're getting a bit cheap there.

>This I would say that one has to mix and match V1 and V1.5 parts to get the
>optimum mix. I would say that all that one has to do is put the side skirt
>plates of the V1 on the V1.5, and then it's set. I do not regret buying the
>V1.5, and If anyone is thinking of buying it, then go ahead. My solution for
>the rifle slot on the side skirt would be to cut out the hole.

Already got 2, can't wait to put one together... hey, you think we'll see
a MG G-3 v1.5 anytime soon?


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