Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 00:33:53 -0700

> BUT, the HGUC is a kind of throw-off on the theory, since the HGUC line seems
>to be a law unto itself, making updates on lesser known kits.

Most of the HGUC kits aren't exactly what I'd call "lesser known" kits -
GunCannon, GunTank, Gyan, Qubeley, Hyaku Shiki, Zugock, Gouf, GP01 and the
Gelgoog Marine are all fairly well known designs.

I think the problem with the HGUC line was it was never really launched
with a clear focus on what the target market is. It started as "updates"
to kits that wouldn't have been made into MG kits, but now it's all over
the map. And they aren't exactly cheap, either. MGers consider them a
pale imitation of MG kits while 1/144ers consider them pricy compared to
regular 1/144 kits. My friend bought a bunch of MG and HGUC kits to sell,
and he ended up selling all the MG kits while stuck with most of the HGUC
kits. It's a good thing he didn't mind keeping them and building custom
versions out of them.


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