Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 00:15:52 -0700

>Still no sign of my order from GundamShop ... my review of their service
>won't be glowing when I finally get it to you guys. It may be better in the
>US, but for anyone in Canada, i'd reccomend you not shop through them. More
>details on that to come...

How long has it been since they told you that your order was shipped?
I've sent stuff to Canada quite a few times and usually it takes at least
2 weeks to arrive via Air Small Packet, which usually takes 4 to 7 business
days. Unfortunately, the 4-7 business days applies only between the date
the item is mailed and the date it arrives within the Canadian postal
system, as the USPS would not guarantee any delivery date as the article
leaves their control. Unless GundamShop sent out your order via UPS or
FedEx, your order might be stuck in the postal system in Canada, and it
wasn't GundamShop's fault.


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