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Personally I really like MG kits, because my painting skills are ... how
shall we say ... nonexistent. I really enjoy the actual modelling part,
since I don't have a lot of solo hobbies that don't directly involve me
sitting in front of a computer =) It's nice to take a step back and do
something (relatively) relaxing. For sure at some point I'll have to sit
down and teach myself to paint properly, and toy with some customs, but for
now, I can easily justify the expendature for an MG kit ... hell its cheaper
than going out drinking on a weekend, and you don't have a nasty hangover
afterwards! Hmm .. I wonder if I can convince Bandai to use that as a
marketing pitch ... ;p
On another note, I think I overall prefer the 1/144 scale in terms of
proportions. While my MG RX-178 is certainly more detailed than my HCM
RX-178, and is significantly more imposing, the 1/144 HCM looks a bit better
proportioned. Hell, if I could get MG kits in 1/144 scale (that being a
reasonable time invested in modelling, fully molded in the right colors,
lots of detail) I'd be happy.
Still no sign of my order from GundamShop ... my review of their service
won't be glowing when I finally get it to you guys. It may be better in the
US, but for anyone in Canada, i'd reccomend you not shop through them. More
details on that to come...

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> > I have to agree with that. some people will do just that, snap them together > and just display them, but the real beauty of the kit won't come out until they > are fully painted and with (optional) modifications done to them. I have some > MG's which I ahven't painted yet, but when I do get enough time, I make sure > to paint them and add my particular modifications. > > >I think there's room for both kits - 1/144 kits will always be more popular > > > how very true. I've been to the shops here, and I always see kids staring dreamily > at the MG's, and then buy the 1/144s. I guess it caters to different markets. > BUT, the HGUC is a kind of throw-off on the theory, since the HGUC line seems > to be a law unto itself, making updates on lesser known kits. > > > > > > If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a > flashlight. > > Richard "Richie" Ramos, Associate Editor > Localvibe -- Changing the way you see your city! > > ofc: (632) 4167486, DL (632)4485473 / fax: (632) 4167479 > cel: 0917-4024780 / hse: (632) 7231308 (emergency use) > ICQ#: 12914919 > > I am NOT a starving writer. > > > > > ============================================================= > This message was sent using I-Mail ( ) > Internet Manila's Web-Based E-Mail interface > ============================================================= > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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