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>PROS-High selection of mechs not available in 1/100,adding a greater variety

>to choose from. space-saving 'action figure' size. Also, the HG series has

>some real nice detail. Sometimes more solid than larger kits. Low prices, as


Other Pros: These kits are sometimes the only way an obscure MS will see the
light of day in modern times. The other thing is that, aside from detail, this
is where polycap poseability is at it's best.

>CONS-too small, not as much detail and color accuracy as 1/100s. Harder to

>paint as well.

Other Cons:

It's considered the glorified action figure. And, it isn't given the full treatment
that it could get...I have seen some damn good detailed and poseable 1/144 kits,
and then they come out with the crappy 1/144 gp02a, whereas the 1/144 Rick Dom
kicks ass.

>PROS-Goodies such as golden and translucent parts;and in the case of MG,
>interior structures; large size. Good color accuracy

Other Pros:

It also has a better selection of weapons for some kits, and the look is sometimes
achieved better, though not in the case of the EW kits.

>CONS-Hard for beginners in some cases; tend to be rather flimsy sometimes
>due to their construction and size. Expensive, too. Also, somewhat limited

>selection...some of the better mechs get left out.

Other cons:

They are simply too large sometimes for stuctural limitations of the's
not anymore a question of construction in terms of assembly, but of the material
itself. a most spectacular case in point is the connecting piece for the microwave
fins/cannon of the Gundam X.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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