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>A friend recently dissed MG kit builders as people who "buy their skills"
>instead of getting a crappy 1/144 kit from the early or mid-80s and
>really work it to make it good. While I don't necessarily agree with his
>point of view, since there are a lot of maniacs who do mod works on MG
>kits and you can barely recognize the base kit they used (for example, a
>Gouf conversion based on a MG Zaku II kit), I can see where he's coming
>from though. One can just snap a MG kit together, Gundam Marker the
>panel lines, and it will usually look way better when it's put next to a
>nicely put together "non-graded" kit.

I have to agree with that. some people will do just that, snap them together
and just display them, but the real beauty of the kit won't come out until they
are fully painted and with (optional) modifications done to them. I have some
MG's which I ahven't painted yet, but when I do get enough time, I make sure
to paint them and add my particular modifications.

>I think there's room for both kits - 1/144 kits will always be more popular

>because they are cheaper, kids can afford them. 1/100 kits are targeted
>at people with more disposable income and don't necessarily believe in
>spending too much of their valuable time just to make their kits look nice.


how very true. I've been to the shops here, and I always see kids staring dreamily
at the MG's, and then buy the 1/144s. I guess it caters to different markets.
 BUT, the HGUC is a kind of throw-off on the theory, since the HGUC line seems
to be a law unto itself, making updates on lesser known kits.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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