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Tue, 19 Sep 2000 22:20:07 -0700

>I've been recently involved in a
>debate(http://www.gundamshop.com/dcforum/DCForumID2/398.html#16) about
>1/144s and their merits vs. 1/100s. I'm wondering, what is the general
>outlook on 1/100s vs. 1/144s here?
>Here's how I feel personally:
>PROS-High selection of mechs not available in 1/100,adding a greater variety
>to choose from. space-saving 'action figure' size. Also, the HG series has
>some real nice detail. Sometimes more solid than larger kits. Low prices, as
>CONS-too small, not as much detail and color accuracy as 1/100s. Harder to
>paint as well.
>PROS-Goodies such as golden and translucent parts;and in the case of MG,
>interior structures; large size. Good color accuracy
>CONS-Hard for beginners in some cases; tend to be rather flimsy sometimes
>due to their construction and size. Expensive, too. Also, somewhat limited
>selection...some of the better mechs get left out.
>Any other thoughts?

Personally I think the 1/144 kits are the "quickie fixes" released to
cash-in while the show is hot. 1/100 kits usually come out after 1/144
ones and the limited selection was a function of the design's lasting
appeal and its mechanical soundness, as in some cases a 1/100 kit won't
come out until the show has finished its initial run on TV and the more
"boring" or "weird" designs never got made into 1/100 scale.

A friend recently dissed MG kit builders as people who "buy their skills"
instead of getting a crappy 1/144 kit from the early or mid-80s and
really work it to make it good. While I don't necessarily agree with his
point of view, since there are a lot of maniacs who do mod works on MG
kits and you can barely recognize the base kit they used (for example, a
Gouf conversion based on a MG Zaku II kit), I can see where he's coming
from though. One can just snap a MG kit together, Gundam Marker the
panel lines, and it will usually look way better when it's put next to a
nicely put together "non-graded" kit.

I think there's room for both kits - 1/144 kits will always be more popular
because they are cheaper, kids can afford them. 1/100 kits are targeted
at people with more disposable income and don't necessarily believe in
spending too much of their valuable time just to make their kits look nice.



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