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Personally, coming from a mainly resin background, I break it down
like this:

Pros: Most dynamic sculpts, detail tends to look much more
impressive, proportions are usually more stylized and daring, due to
the small scale you can have a wide range of subjects from MS to MA
and even some of the smaller ships, can get subjects that would never
be made in any other scale, a standard railroad scale so there are
lots of pre-made diorama pieces.

Cons: Awfully small and unimpressive for Mobile Suits, tends to be
rather expensive in terms of amount of resin for your yen, does not
work well as a full action kit, because the polycaps are too large
for the joints.

Pros: Small enough not to wear out polycaps on full action kits, good
solid detail, small enough to display in reasonably sized dioramas,
good resin to yen value, reasonable selection of subjects, can
usually achieve dramatic poses, lots of add-on details and
accessories available for customization, standard military scale so
there are some pre-made diorama pieces, all around best scale for
Mobile Suits.

Cons: Sculpts tend to be a bit more conservative, proportions vary
wildly between different versions, scale often fudged to achieve a
consistency throughout a product line, mistaken for toys if not
finished in a military fashion.

Pros: Impressive size, allow for the potential inclusion of lots of
detail, easily customizable, allow for complex joint structures with
amazing posability, big enough to allow features like lighting.

Cons: These kits are usually the "deluxe" version of the suit so the
have the worst resin to yen ratio, the friction of the polycaps is
often overloaded by the weight of the large parts so the model has
little or no ability to hold a pose, features and gimmicks often end
up adding instability to the kit, diorama displays require a
prohibitively large space, many designs often have vast expanses of
undetailed plastic causing them to look toylike, limited subject
matter, too big for anything larger than a Mobile Suit.

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Subject: [gundam] 1/100s vs 1/144s

> I've been recently involved in a
> debate(http://www.gundamshop.com/dcforum/DCForumID2/398.html#16)
> about 1/144s and their merits vs. 1/100s. I'm wondering, what is
> the general outlook on 1/100s vs. 1/144s here?
> Here's how I feel personally:
> 1/144-
> PROS-High selection of mechs not available in 1/100,adding a
> greater variety to choose from. space-saving 'action figure' size.
> Also, the HG series has some real nice detail. Sometimes more solid
> than larger kits. Low prices, as well.
> CONS-too small, not as much detail and color accuracy as 1/100s.
> Harder to paint as well.
> 1/100
> PROS-Goodies such as golden and translucent parts;and in the case
> of MG, interior structures; large size. Good color accuracy
> CONS-Hard for beginners in some cases; tend to be rather flimsy
> sometimes due to their construction and size. Expensive, too. Also,
> somewhat limited selection...some of the better mechs get left out.
> Any other thoughts?
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