Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 22:02:51 -0700

>>What does this all mean? While the re-releases in Japan were probably
>>churned out from Japanese plants, for the global market, you never know
>>if you are getting a quality kit or a slightly inferior version if you are
>>buying any kit below MG class. And if the price sounds too good to be true,
>>maybe you need to inspect the parts before you buy, something that's
>>impossible with mail ordering or stores that put shrinkwrap over the box.
>I think it can be seen easily from the plastic quality. if you hold the
>pieces at an angle to the light, the quality and pre-fracture marks appear.
> I can testify to this because i have to kits of the 08thMS rx-79g/zaku kit,
>and I think I got a chinese produced one for one, and a real Japanese kit for
>the other...and it looks obvious to me the differences in quality.

The problem is that the quality difference may be apparent to us model
addicts, especially those who had seen both versions, but for newbies or
people who never saw another kit of a different quality, it will not be
easy to tell.


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