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> Subject: [gundam] Mistreatment of the colonies.....
> I've been studying the American Revolution, and I thought of a
> question...what exactly were the pre-Daikun injustices against the colonies,
> which ultiametly resulted in spacenoid resentment against Earth? Taxation?
> Forced immigration? Quartering? Lack of resources and support from Earth?
> I'm just curious why Spacenoids are rather peeved at the Earthnoids, at
> least in pre-Daikun/Pre-duchy times. Post-duchy, I think their resentment is
> perfectly understandable, with the Titans and all...

First, there was the forced emigration, 4.4 billion people (40% of Earth's 11
billion total population) within the first 40 years. A mere ten years later,
it's up to 9 billion (82%).

Then there was the absentee landlord government. Although nominally Federation
members, the colonies were run by the Colony Managment Corporation, who treated
them like company towns, right down to owing their souls to the company store.

I don't recall the details, but as I recall the very first colony. Shangri-La
(Side 1 Bunch 1), was stated to have a tax on the air in one of the early
episodes of Gundam ZZ.

It's expensive to lift anything out of Earth's gravity well, cheap to send it
"downhill" from space. This makes for a wild imbalance of trade. It was
cheaper for the Spacenoids to do for themselves from space-based resources like
the Moon and asteroids than to lift it up from the Earth, but some things
(nitrogen and petroleum come to mind) can't be found anywhere else. I suspect
that the Earthnoids actually charged the colonies for the cost of lifting the
forced emigrants up into space, but that's pure speculation on my part.

Much of the resentment arises from the fact that the colonies has all the
responsibilites and duties of Federation citizens -- taxes, military service,
etc. -- but, except for a chosen few, were denied residence on Earth. Thee's
nothing like second-class citizenship to breed unrest, especially when the
Earthnoid elite treat you like dirt in your own home when they come visiting.

After the colony drop on North America, the colonies were probably ordered to
make up the grain shortfage from their own stores, but that's another wild
speculation and wasn't an issue when Z Gundam and Gundam ZZ were written, sicne
the entire second colony drop was introduced in the Gundam 0083 storyline.


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