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Chris Maier writes,

>I've been recently involved in a
>debate( about
>1/144s and their merits vs. 1/100s. I'm wondering, what is the general
>outlook on 1/100s vs. 1/144s here?

  Hm... my preference is definitely for the 1/144 series. I'll try and
extract rational arguments from my vague bias. :-)

* Mobility: The 1/144 kits are generally more flexible and poseable. This
is especially true of the HG-UC series, even when they lack moveable
skirt armor. You can usually get more dynamic poses out of the legs, and
the elbow joints don't have the same tendency to wilt under the burden of
heavy hand-held weapons. Some of the MG kits have a lack of leg motion
that's frankly shocking - this was one of the major improvements in the
MG Gundam version 1.5. MG kits tend to have better waist joints, though.

* Variety: The big-money MG kits tend towards endless Gundams, probably
for sales reasons. The HG-UC lineup has been much heavier on weirdos,
second-stringers, and cult mobile suits. It's also evenly balanced
between First Gundam, Z Gundam, and Gundam ZZ, with a couple of 0083
designs thrown in for good measure; the MG line is pretty much just
Gundams and One Year War classics.

* No stupid articulated fingers: Yay, MG kits have moving fingers. Too
bad they can't hold any of their &%@# weapons. The HG-UC kits don't have
enough alternate hands - open-palm and fist versions for both arms would
be nice - but at least they can hold their guns.

* Better proportions: This varies by series, but in the case of the
Endless Waltz kits, the 1/144 series has _way_ better proportions than
the 1/100 series.

-- Mark

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