Chris Maier (
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 21:00:54 -0400

I've been recently involved in a
debate( about
1/144s and their merits vs. 1/100s. I'm wondering, what is the general
outlook on 1/100s vs. 1/144s here?

Here's how I feel personally:

PROS-High selection of mechs not available in 1/100,adding a greater variety
to choose from. space-saving 'action figure' size. Also, the HG series has
some real nice detail. Sometimes more solid than larger kits. Low prices, as

CONS-too small, not as much detail and color accuracy as 1/100s. Harder to
paint as well.

PROS-Goodies such as golden and translucent parts;and in the case of MG,
interior structures; large size. Good color accuracy

CONS-Hard for beginners in some cases; tend to be rather flimsy sometimes
due to their construction and size. Expensive, too. Also, somewhat limited
selection...some of the better mechs get left out.

Any other thoughts?

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